Introducing the world’s first precision turf mower of its kind to be commercially available. Autonomous. Electric. High-productivity. The FireFly M100-AV.

Fully autonomous

Solve labor challenges and improve productivity. Intelligent path planning to optimize mowing patterns without laying any wires.

All electric

Cut energy costs and decrease your carbon footprint. Using the latest in battery technology with Lithium Iron Phospate (LiFePo4).

Mow 7 acres per hour, 25 acres per charge, with a 2-hour quick-charge.

M100-AV reel cutting units
“reely” the best of both worlds

Most reel mowers on the market today do a really good job of cutting grass that is shorter than 3/4-inch. They are allowed to yaw, pitch, and roll like an airplane, while floating up and down along the z-axis, to help them contour along undulating terrain. Cutting units of that style have a front roller, which isn’t a problem for short grass that gets cut every day.

However, when grass gets above 1-inch tall, the front roller lays it down, and because reels don’t create “lift” the way that a rotary blade does, you end up with tall grass that gets mashed down instead of getting cut.

We built our cutting units to yaw, roll, and float, but we locked out the pitch and removed the front roller to cut the grass before it gets touched by anything. In addition, we put two rollers in the rear on a rocker arm to give more stability to the cutting unit in bumpy terrain.


Safety is our first priority, and the M100-AV comes with LiDAR obstacle detection to stop the mower to avoid objects.

M100-AV in field
A repeatable quality cut

Cuts a 100″ wide swath. Currently equipped with reel cutting units, the M100-AV is optimized for taller heights of cut by removing the need for a front roller that rolls over the grass before it is cut.

RoloRocker(TM) design makes the cutting units achieve a more stable ride through the field, allowing higher speeds and increased aftercut appearance.

SyncLift (TM) position-based lift technology reduces the need for a clean up pass.

Low impact. Unparalleled traction.

The wide stance and balanced weight distribution allow for low ground pressure. This also gives the M100-AV unparalleled sidehill performance.

SynchroDrive(TM) AWD: Four electric motors are perfectly synchronized with two independent steering motors to achieve the ultimate combination of traction and low-impact drive and steering.

Long life with less maintenance

Drive motors have been engineered for a 100,000+ hour life requiring low maintenance of simply changing gear oil every 6 months.

M100-AV in sports field from drone