We Reinvented the Reel

The AMP-L100 features two options for reel cutting units.

RoloRockerTM Cutting Units

Mow grass at heights above 0.75 inches without the need for a front roller, avoiding mashing the grass down before the reels can cut it. This cutting unit option is best suited for flat or gently rolling terrain, because the RoloRockerTM Cutting Units do not have the ability to pitch up and down in undulating terrain.

While the RoloRockerTM units excel in their ability to mow grass taller than .75 inches, they are capable of mowing at heights of cut ranging from .5 inches to 2.75 inches.

  • In warm season grasses, the RoloRockerTM Cutting Units perform well up to 2.75 inches height of cut.
  • In cool season grasses, these reels perform best up to 2 inches height of cut, but for mowing cool season grasses above 2 inches we recommend our RotoFlexTM Cutting Units.

Adjusting the RoloRockerTM Cutting Units is a tool-free job that achieves the perfect reel-to-bedknife adjustment. Simply turn the detented hand knobs to precisely control the reel adjustment in .0065 inch increments. Produce the highest quality cut while reducing the chances for excessive reel and bedknife wear and tear.

Height of cut adjustments are also made with hand knobs and require only a two-point adjustment with the bedknife attitude locked at 4 degrees for the entire range of height of cut adjustments.

PitchRideTM Cutting Units

The PitchRideTM Cutting Units operate 7” diameter reels and have four degrees of freedom to allow movement in the roll, pitch, yaw and z-axis. This option is most suited for high precision mowing at heights of cut of .375 inches to 1 inch and performs exceptionally well in flat and undulating terrain.

The adjustments for the PitchRideTM Cutting Units are all the same as the RoloRockerTM Cutting units except the height of cut adjustments. With the PitchRideTM option, adjust height of cut and bedknife attitude with a four-point adjustment.