firefly company history first part depth control system

The First “Part” of our Story

FireFly Automatix grew out of a need to solve problems we encountered on our own turfgrass farm. Our first breakthrough was our greaseless depth control system, which today is still providing reduced maintenance and improved function and durability. Our farm crew was so happy with the new FireFly parts that we continued to develop more products.

FireFly Automatix company history founders displaying improved harvester parts 2011

We were Made for this

We started to market our parts to other turf producers. As more growers shared their equipment needs with us, we realized that with our expertise in grass production and mechatronics, we were poised to take automation in the turf industry to the next level. Originally named FireFly Equipment, the company was founded at the beginning of 2010 by the Aposhian brothers and a few more engineers.

FireFly ProSlab sod harvester prototype 2012

Electric Hybrid Harvesters

Our TEAM got to work to design a better sod harvester from the ground up, which was the beginning of a long list of patented innovations, such as using synchronized servo-electric systems where speed and precision are the most important.

From a small shared shop space, we developed a prototype and the initial production models of the ProSlab, our first automated turf harvester.

FireFly Equipment moving into larger factory space in 2016

Keeping up with demand

FireFly technology has made automation an unprecedented success, initially in regions growing warm-season grasses. As machine production increased, so did our need for factory space.

In 2013, we moved into our own building. Only two years later, we moved into another facility, doubling our space and considerably increasing our production rates of the ProSlab 155 and our line of improved parts.

FireFly Equipment at NI Week in 2015

On the world Stage

Our harvesters weren’t just revolutionary for turf farms, but for all mobile equipment. Our work caught the world’s attention in 2015, when we found ourselves on the NI Week keynote stage with companies such as Texas Instruments, Jaguar, and Samsung, which led to additional coverage in multiple prestigious publications.

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FireFly Automatix receiving award as Utah's fastest growing company in 2016

Local Recognition

Our home state of Utah began to take note of the positive impact we were having. FireFly Automatix was named Utah’s #1 Fastest Growing Company by MountainWest Capital Network in 2016 and 2017 and won a prestigious Utah Innovation Award in 2017.

Our growing list of patents also caught the attention of the U.S. Patent Office, which sent representatives to tour our factory and congratulate us on our innovations.

Developing Autonomy

By 2018, FireFly introduced the M220 turf mower and demonstrated our developing autonomous capabilities. First offered as a manned mower, the driverless model was in development for six years until its release in 2023.

Using “teach-and-repeat” autonomy and LiDAR obstacle detection, the 22-foot-wide robotic mower is designed for large-scale mowing, such as natural grass farms.

FireFly Automatix logo

A Name Change

As we solidified our focus on automation and full autonomy, we decided our name needed to better reflect who were are as a technology company, as well as our future offerings in data services. In 2018, FireFly Equipment became FireFly Automatix, coining a new word to encompass all things related to automation and autonomy.

The FireFly would remain, representing lighting the way to the future with synchronization. Also known as the lightning bug, when we think of FireFly, we think of electricity. 

FireFly sod harvester assembly line 2021

World class factory

We had once again outgrown our facility and expanded into our beautiful state-of-the-art factory in Salt Lake City. By keeping all our manufacturing processes under one roof–laser cutting, bending, machining, welding, sandblast, and powder coat—-we can ensure the highest quality. Raw steel comes in one door, and finished parts and machines go out the other.

FireFly R300 stacker

Rolling forward

In 2019, FireFly debuted its long-awaited R300 automated mini-roll harvester, opening up opportunities for farms with cool season grasses to benefit from the FireFly advantages.

True to our commitment to unrelenting innovation, we continue to offer updated features and improvements to our customers. Since its launch, we have added peat/muck options, cab improvements, new stacking modes, added synchronization, and software updates.

FireFly service technician with truck

Growing support Network

As a company, we not only continue to expand our product line, but our distribution and support team, as well. We have machines in a growing number of countries worldwide, with regional service technicians and satellite parts locations to support our customers where they are. Our local support team is also available through our Help Desk and Support Portal, as well as travel for service as needed.

AMP-L100 electric autonomous lawn mower

AMPed up to change the world

In 2023, we launched a revolutionary 100-inch mower–what would come to be called the AMP (Autonomous Mowing Platform). The FireFly AMP mowers are not only fully autonomous, but all-electric, as well. While we will always support the turf farming industry, sister industries, such as sports turf and golf, are meeting us for the first time. We look forward to improving more lives through our technology!