FireFly AMP-L100 autonomouw mower on golf course


FireFly AMP mower on sports field


FireFly AMP-L100 autonomous lawn mower on natural grass farm


FireFly AMP-L100 autonomouw mower on golf course


FireFly AMP mower on sports field


FireFly AMP-L100 autonomous lawn mower on natural grass farm


Key Features

Quad Motor 4-Wheel Drive

Our quad motor all wheel drive synchronizes the velocity of all four wheels with the steer angle to make sure each wheel is being commanded the speed required to offer perfectly balanced traction and a light touch to your turf.

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Fully Autonomous

Drive the robot to the field, choose a path, and let it mow! Alleviate your staff from the monotony of mowing so they can focus on the more important things. Save money and time on labor while improving the quality and consistency of your turf.

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No Fuel. No Oil. NO LEAKS!

Ever had a mower leak fuel, engine oil or hydraulic oil on your turf? Did that make your day better or worse? Say goodbye to fuel, oil and hydraulics and say hello to lower costs, less maintenance, better performance and the sound of SILENCE!

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Obstacle Detection

We don't take shortcuts in ensuring safety, reliability, and consistency. That is why AMP is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors to monitor the surrounding environment and stop for obstacles in the way, keeping your people, pets and property safe.

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Drive the perimeter of your fields or fairways ONCE to allow our high precision RTK corrected GNSS system to survey your boundaries. After that, creating paths using our Quickplan software is so easy you'll probably outsource the job to your toddler.

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Minimal Maintenance

Without an engine or hydraulics, the AMP simplifies and reduces maintenance. For example, ground drive motors have been engineered for a 20,000+ hour life, requiring minimal maintenance. Simply change the gear oil every six months. 

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Precision Lift

Say goodbye to hydraulics that leak and say hello to high precision servo technology. Two independently controlled servo motors lift your cutting units off the ground with speed, precision and advanced motion profiles to add longevity to your parts.

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We Reinvented the Reel

Tired of spending so much time adjusting your reels? We felt the same way. The AMP-L100 offers various reel options but one thing remains the same: Adjustments are easy. Adjust your height of cut or bedknife adjustments in seconds with hand knobs!

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Available power

24.7 kW

Drive motors

4x 3.3 kW motors

Mowing Speed

6 mph (9.7 kph)

Transport Speed

9 mph (14.5 kph)

Width of cut

100″ (254 cm)


6 acres/hr

Battery Capacity

Up to 26 acres

Charge Time

2.5 Hours*

Cutting Units

reels on AMP autonomous lawn mower


.75″-2.5″ Height of Cut

reels on AMP autonomous lawn mower


0.25″-2.00″ Height of Cut

engineering drawing of rotary cutting unit for AMP autonomous lawn mower


*Coming soon

7″ Reel Options

7/8/11 Blade

Cutting Unit Width (ALL)

22″ (56 cm)




General Questions

We are currently accepting reservations for limited 2024/25 deliveries in the United States, which began in January 2024 for reel units. The first rotary units are expected to ship in late 2024. Reservations can be made here ( and require a $100 deposit, which is fully refundable. Orders are first-in/first-out and subject to approval by the FireFly team following a site visit.

No, there is no limit to the number of reservations, but reservations are first-in/first-out and we have a limited number of slots in 2024/25.

To get a demo of the AMP prioritized for your area, place a reservation for a machine today. Reservations are refundable at any time and for any reason, so there’s no risk. They help us to qualify leads and prioritize the demo tour schedule based on those who are interested in purchasing machines in 2024 and 2025.

Yes, we have actually cut a lot of grass immediately following rain or watering events. Without an engine, radiator or hydraulic pump, our engineering team was able to design a machine with a balance that is superior to traditional reel mowers. The rear tires are larger and the center of mass is lower. All of this allows you to run your tires at 8psi for reduced ground compaction. This also allows the AMP to mow immediately after a watering or rainstorm.

AMP mows at 6 mph (9.7 kph), which equates to a productivity of 6 acres per hour. That means it can mow a standard soccer field in 19 minutes, a pro baseball field in 20 minutes, and a football field in 13 minutes. AMP mows an average fairway in 35 minutes.

Without am engine, radiator, or hydraulic pump, the only maintenance on the machine is the maintenance of the reels and the changing of gear oil in the drive motors every 6-12 months, depending on usage.

Electric Power

Our vision for the AMP was not just about embracing environmental stewardship. We aimed to redefine excellence in turfgrass management. That’s why AMP is not a traditional mower retrofitted with autonomous capabilities. It’s a ground-breaking, all-electric robot, engineered to be autonomous from the very start. It’s electric because that is what enabled us to create the BEST product.

  • Electric precision and power
  • Independent motor control
  • Efficiency and cost savings
  • Quieter operations
  • No more leaks
  • Longevity and low maintenance
  • Better balance
  • Zero emissions and tax incentives

The AMP reel mower can mow 20-25 acres (8-10 hectares) of grass on a single charge. This time is dependent on the field conditions, grass type, and if your reels are properly adjusted. If you are mowing your fields more frequently (3+ times per week), you can expect to get more productivity than if you are mowing your fields only once per week. If your fields are smooth, you can expect to get more productivity than if you have bumpy fields. The machine will also be more efficient on larger fields than on smaller fields because fewer turns are required on a large (or long) field..

AMP can mow 25 acres in 4 to 6 hours, depending on field conditions.

With a fast charge mid-day, you should be able to mow 40-50 acres a day. If you can mow early or late—or during the night—you could mow 60-75 acres.

We have a range of options for charging AMP’s battery. The 14 kw Fast Charger fully charges the AMP in about 2.5 hours and requires a 240V 50 amp 3-phase power circuit or a 460V 30 amp 3-phase power circuit. A full charge takes about 20 hours using standard 120V power. We also have charging options that can fully charge the battery in 4-6 hours.

AMP can be charged from any compatible AC power source, including generators.

With our 2.5-hr fast charge, the battery life is rated for 5000 cycles to 80% of original capacity. Although slower charging will further extend the lifespan of the battery, keep in mind that 5000 cycles = 100,000 acres of mowing.

The machine can be stored in a shed or transported in a trailer and can be charged anywhere where a compatible charger is installed. The machine does not have an auto docking feature at this time.

Our present version requires you to bring it to a charger. The machine does not currently auto-dock.

The AMP’s battery is not swappable, but it will last for up to 25 acres of mowing and then can fully recharge in 2.5 hours with the fast charger option.

The user interface will give you an estimate of the battery required for the path before you begin. Additionally, the machine will pause mowing with enough battery reserve to drive a reasonable distance back to the shop. If needed, we have a 120V charger available that can be powered by a small generator.

Our battery is a 35kwh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery that was designed to have a life of 5000 cycles. During the first 5000 cycles your battery capacity will slowly degrade from 100% of its original capacity down to 80% of its original capacity. So, at the end of the 5000 cycles the capacity of the battery will still be 80% of its original capacity, so a battery replacement is not necessarily needed. In 5000 cycles you should expect to be able to mow around 100,000 acres of grass. If you mow 40 acres per day and 200 days per year, your 5000 cycles would last 12.5 years. At current prices, battery replacement cost would be around $20,000.

We use a 48 volt 35 kilowatt-hour LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery.

There is a 5-year warranty on workmanship from the manufacturer.

Our battery is a zero-maintenance sealed pack. It includes an internal heater that automatically manages battery temperature in very cold weather.

When we eventually reach the EU, we will provide chargers that are compatible with the EU power grid.

Autonomous Mowing

That’s correct. The obstacle detection safety system has been thoroughly tested to stop for a human in its path, seated or standing, as well as larger obstacles such as vehicles and buildings. You survey the boundary where the machine should drive, so anything outside of that boundary will be avoided. Inside the path, the machine will detect and stop for obstacles in its path, regardless of whether they were surveyed or not.

In the current version, it will not attempt to go around obstacles unsupervised, although that is planned for a future update. However, if the obstacle moves out of the way, then you can get it going again without having to go out to the machine. Also, if the obstacle is something that is okay to mow over (for example, tall weeds), the operator can view the camera feed and give authorization to continue despite the obstacle detection.

We have validated the obstacle detection system to stop for objects at least as large as a seated person, as recommended by ISO specifications. The current version of the obstacle detection suite is not designed to detect very low-profile obstacles. The operator is responsible for ensuring the field is clear of obstacles before starting operation. If portions of the field are flooded or should not be mowed for whatever reason, then you can create a new boundary that only mows part of the field and then have it mow that.

The system will detect obstacles in its path that are up to 40-50 feet away and slow down. If something gets within 10-15 feet in front of the machine, it will stop and notify FireLink.

Yes, the mower can be driven manually. There is a folding platform for an operator to stand on. It will be used to manually drive the perimeter of new paths.

Absolutely! After you survey the perimeter of your fields or fairways, our QuickplanTM software allows you to choose paths of various pattern types and customized angles. You also select the number of clean up passes around the perimeter of the field, the start and end points for the path, how much overlap you want, and the maximum cruise speed. Then QuickplanTM will use your selections and create the most efficient path. You can plan as many paths for a field as you would like.

Our robot uses a dual antenna RTK corrected GPS system with an advanced filtering system that uses IMU data and vehicle odometry for highly accurate positioning. We offer an RTK base station option or NTRIP cellular corrections services available for RTK corrections.

In many ways, operating our robots will be easier and more user friendly than standard machinery. Our web application has been engineered so that anyone with the ability to operate similar machinery can handle the setup and management of our robot with only a couple of days of training. FireFly will be responsive to customer requests and will make sure that our customers are successful.

Yes! Our FireLinkTM web application is optimized for users to have the ability to manage several AMP robots with one device. Currently, FireFly supplies customers with a dedicated FireLinkTM tablet, but in the future, our web application will be compatible with most devices that have cellular data.  

That’s right! When setting up your fields, you can divide them into sectors. If you set up your fields with sectors, you will have the ability to create paths for each sector and have robots mowing in different sectors of the field at the same time. This is especially helpful with large fields.

Cutting Unit Options

The AMP has three different types of cutting units available. The AMP-L100 is available with RoloRockerTM or PitchRideTM cutting units, both utilizing 7-inch diameter reels with options for 7, 8, 11 or 13 blades per reel. The AMP-X100 uses RotoFlexTM hybrid razor/rotary cutting units. All AMP models have rear rollers for generating beautiful striping on the field.

  • RoloRockerTM reel units operate without a front roller so that it won’t lay down the grass before cutting it. These units allow mowing heights of 0.5 to 2.75 inches and are better suited for flat terrain or gently rolling terrain.
  • The PitchRideTM reel cutting units have a front roller and have the ability to handle undulating terrain really well. This option is an ideal solution for golf courses or anyone wanting to mow their grass below .75 inches. Although mow heights can be set to 0.25 to 2.5 inches, the PitchRide units provide the best quality cut between 0.375 to 1 inch.
  • RotoFlexTM units are lower maintenance and allow mowing at taller heights (0.5 to 3.5 inches). High velocity razor blades will make a clean cut even after the blade has lost its edge due to minimal blade thickness. You can customize cut by installing different arrangements of razor blades and swing tips to optimize lift, quality of cut, clipping dispersion, and power consumption for your specific application and grass conditions.

We offer 7 blade, 8 blade, 11 blade and 13 blade options.

We aren’t planning for larger models at this time.

Yes, the reels can be backlapped without removing them from the machine. The backlap function for maintaining the edge on your reel blades and bedknife in between sharpening is a built-in function on the user interface of the screen on your robot to make backlapping a simple process with speed control.

The rotary AMP-X100 is available for reservations today and will begin deliveries in late 2024.

First of all, we’ve made adjustments easier. You can adjust the reel-to-bedknife relationship without any tools. Simply by turning the detented hand knob, you can adjust your reel in increments of .0065 inches to ensure cut quality while limiting the amount of wear on the reel.

In addition, the motor on the cutting unit is a direct drive motor that is extremely quiet, so you can hear if a reel is out of adjustment or if a bedknife is bent. The backlap function for maintaining the edge on your reel blades and bedknife in between sharpening is a built-in function on the user interface of the screen on your robot to make backlapping a simple process with speed control.

The robot doesn’t need an operator and is mostly maintenance-free, so many will find that maintaining their reel cutting units is a small price to pay for the highest quality cut. We have also designed the cutting units so that you can adjust the height of cut within seconds on the unit by turning additional knobs.