Obstacle Detection

We are committed to the safety of our products and customers.

We don’t take shortcuts in ensuring safety, reliability, and consistency. That is why our AMP system is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors to monitor the surrounding environment and stop for obstacles in the way. A 3D LiDAR sensor scans the surrounding area, producing a highly accurate view of the area with millions of points per second.


The obstacle detection safety system has been thoroughly tested to stop for a human in its path, seated or standing, as well as larger obstacles such as chain-link fences, vehicles, and buildings. The system can see and slow down for obstacles in its path that are up to 40-50 feet away and will stop if anything gets within 10-15 feet of the front of the machine. Cameras provide always-online monitoring for operators, no matter whether they are on the field or in the next town.

When the system intelligently determines that there is an obstacle in its path, it does the following:

If the obstacle detection system detects an obstacle and has to stop, the user is alerted through REMI that the robot has stopped for an obstacle and is shown the live camera view of the obstacle with a box around it. The user then has the option to override the obstacle detection system if the obstacle is benign and will pose no harm to life or the robot. An example of a benign obstacle might be a tall weed in the field that is large enough to be detected as an obstacle.