Quad Motor 4-Wheel Drive

Think you can’t have it all? Think again.

The AMP’s quad motor synchronized four-wheel drive delivers superior traction and unparalleled sidehill performance, all while leaving your grass undamaged.

The AMP’s four induction motors are perfectly synchronized with two independent steering motors to achieve the ultimate combination of traction and low impact to your turf.

Each wheel is always being commanded the precise velocity for any given input velocity and steering angle, delivering exceptional traction at all times.

The absence of a diesel engine and hydraulic pump allows the weight of the machine to be distributed for the ideal balance for responsive handling and low turf impact.

What’s more, the wide stance and low center of mass give the AMP-L100 the ability to handle slopes and sidehills with ease.

Without an engine in the way, the AMP can run with larger diameter tires in the rear, while keeping tire pressure low (8-10 psi), for the lowest impact on your turfgrass.

In addition, synchronized 4WD evenly distributes torque and prevents wheel spin to leave your fields intact.