Our exclusive QuickPlanTM software allows the AMP robot to mow your fields exactly the way you want, with an ever growing selection of different mowing and striping patterns, all handcrafted with efficiency and turf care in mind.

QuickplanTM is the custom software embedded inside of FireLinkTM that users can use to plan paths.

QuickPlan Features

Choose your preferred mowing angle, overlap, and even where you want the path to start. Create multiple variations of your mowing plans all at once with QuickPlanTM, even while your mower is off.

The AMP will lift the mower decks at places where a tight turn radius is needed, to avoid damage to your turfgrass.

Utilizing sub-inch positioning technology and high precision control, our robot can mow a straight line with under 2 inches of accuracy, yielding perfectly straight stripes across the field.

This precision also allows for minimal deck overlap than is possible for a manual driver, which means shorter mow times and higher efficiency. The robot doesn’t need to look for the line after executing a perfect turn to the next row: it knows exactly where it is and where it needs to go.