Steering Assist

Straight lines aren’t just good looking. Accurate rows improve profitability by allowing you to harvest more turf out of the field and increasing your yield. Electronic auto steer and GPS guidance are just some of the ways FireFly gets you off to a great start, every time.

Adjustable so you can leave any width of ribbon of turf, or no ribbon at all. Our proprietary algorithms make it simple to cut straight lines without wheel oscillations. The simple steering shoe design has fewer moving parts and uses FireFly’s proven sensor technology for reliable, longer lasting operation. Available with right-side and left-side auto steering.

Factory-installed GPS guidance (optional) gives turf producers the ability to open fields and harvest anywhere in the field with perfectly straight lines—even in rolling terrain, slopes, and rough ground.

The guidance system automatically steers the harvester on line with maximum precision. When it gets off the path, Autopilot signals it to adjust its position to follow the correct line, regardless of the field pattern or terrain type.

In addition to improving yield, precision harvesting also aids in regrow from ribbon fields and reduces operator fatigue. Despite low light or poor visibility, the harvester’s GPS keeps working.

All new harvesters come GPS-ready.

Straight lines in sod field