Stacking Up Profits

The heart of the ProSlab is our exclusive patented electrically driven SynchroStackerTM. This stacker is simply the smoothest, fastest and most accurate stacker in the industry.


The moving parts are above the dirt, minimizing wear. The SynchroStackerTM is driven by electric servo motors, allowing for extremely smooth movement and unmatched slab placement accuracy. Speed is adjustable to adapt to tender vs. strong turf. Smooth operation reduces wear and is more gentle on turf.

Our ultra-smooth stacker features a simple hook system and is well proven in many different soil and grass types. With our patented stacking algorithms, you can be sure this stacker will produce perfectly square pallets, and do it faster than any other slab harvester in the industry.

ProSlab harvesters now provide smarter slab detection. Even in windy conditions, the machines can effectively sense where the slabs are on the conveyor, which is critical to stacking a perfect pallet.

You can select from multiple sensor options and modes, all configurable on-the-fly in the machine’s software, to handle any condition. Using these new modes, you can cut in wind and blowing grass better than ever, without the need for extra windshields.

FireFly harvesters have two important features that allow them to perform exceptionally well on all kinds of hilly fields.

The first is outstanding chassis stability. Our wide stance front axle, along with great weight balance, keeps your cutterhead stable and square with the ground, even on side slopes.

The second is our electric stacker. Traditional hydraulically-controlled harvesters have difficulty holding the stacker steady along hills and slopes. All FireFly harvesters use electro servo motors to move the stacker. Electric motors give a smooth, accurate, efficient, and repeatable operation, and they also hold the stacker in exact position in sloping fields.

The only way to produce neat, square and stable pallets. There is no need to compress the pallets.

Because of FireFly’s patented capability to rotate slabs, we can produce perfectly square-sided pallets without the need to offset slabs from side to side as other automatic machines commonly do. The ProSlab simply stacks the way you want.

With patented stacking algorithms, you can be sure this stacker will produce perfectly square pallets, and do it faster than any other slab harvester in the industry.

Slab pallet with rotated tie-in layers

The ProSlab is the only automated slab harvester that allows you to change pallets without stopping. Dropping pallets on-the-fly is a significant productivity feature, saving as much as 35 seconds per pallet over machines that must stop to change pallets. We keep your blade in the ground and your machine moving. Fork tilting makes for gentle pallet drops.

The ProSlab can be operated in Single-Slab mode or Multi-Slab mode. Lengths are electronically adjustable to any length up to 48”.

In Single-Slab mode, the machine will pick up one slab at a time. This slab would typically be a slab that is the full length of the pallet used. For example, 16”x48”, or 20”x40” or 21”x42”, or 24”x48”.

Our patented Multi-Slab mode allows for high productivity, as the stacker is carrying multiple pieces each time it moves to the pallet. In this mode, we offer a 16”x24” cut, available in two different styles: 16” wide x 24” long, stacker picks up two pieces at a time; or 24” wide x 16” long, stacker picks up three pieces at a time. Both utilize a single stacker head with FireFly’s exclusive multi-piece pickup system for increased productivity. Slabs are fully cut into individual blocks using traditional chop-off. Then multiple pieces are brought together so the stacker can pickup multiple slabs at a time.

All new models come standard with an improved pallet weighing system with better accuracy. This system also gives the operator feedback on weight per square foot while harvesting.

The ProSlab is the only automated harvester that can do both double-sided pallets (optional) and drop-on-the-fly. Our high capacity pallet magazine holds up to 20 empty pallets, keeping you going for longer. The easy to use doors latch open or closed.