Seasoned Manufacturing and TEAMS

Every decision we make at FireFly is guided by our core purpose.

We capitalize the word TEAM, because we know that Together Everyone Achieves More, and we strive to work together to design, manufacture, and support the best solutions to people’s problems. We’re fortunate to have excellent people on our TEAM—experts in their fields to help you succeed in, well, your fields. The end goal is always to make your life better, whether that’s bringing more peace of mind, higher profitability, or time with your family—hopefully all of the above!


We have always invested heavily in our engineering capabilities to solve challenges with creativity and discipline. Our engineering strength has continually driven industry technology forward and customers more profitable.

“In the FireFly engineering department alone, we have a couple dozen people with really disparate backgrounds and competencies, and that’s really the heart of our strength. Everyone contributes something unique to the whole. Between all of us, there isn’t a problem we can’t solve or a solution we can’t invent.”

Eric Aston, Engineering Director and FireFly co-founder:


We’re not only driving tech forward in our machines, but in the way we build those machines as well. We’ve made huge investments in our manufacturing capabilities over the past 14 years to improve quality and increase production.

Steel comes in one door of the state-of-the-art FireFly factory in Salt Lake City. Finished machines drive out another. We keep every process in-house, using world-class machinery, allowing us to keep a tight communication loop and to make the best equipment with the shortest wait times.


Augmenting our home TEAM is a growing service network. Our regional service technicians bring help closer than ever, covering much of the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, while our Utah-based experts are here to answer questions at our Help Desk and to travel to your fields.

We’re proud of the diverse skills and experience of our TEAM members across departments. From our world-class welders to our phenomenal supply chain professionals and service technicians, FireFly TEAM members are committed to provide excellence in every step of your experience.