ProSlab Advanced Controls

Since 2010, FireFly has been bringing new motion control technologies to the turf industry that allow previously unattainable levels of control and advanced diagnostics.

These greater capabilities bring a simpler interface and smarter systems that can react and adapt to varying conditions in ways never before implemented on turf harvesters. Automation made simple.


All ProSlab harvesters now have a single, more powerful computer to run both the machine and operator interface. By combining both screens into one, we have eliminated the need for a network connection, improving the system’s reliability and long-term operation. This new controller also starts up more quickly to get you harvesting faster.

Standard on both the ProSlab 155C and 160, our patent-pending cutter head synchronization builds on what was already the highest performance cutter head in the industry. It allows you to synchronize the cutter speed, head boom pressure, and head pressure with the ground speed.

For example, when you have a fast ground speed, you can have a fast cutter head speed. When you go slower, the machine will automatically slow down the cutter speed, allowing you to highly optimize your cut quality.

Even in windy conditions, new ProSlab machines can effectively sense where the slabs are on the conveyor, which is critical to stacking a perfect pallet. You can select from multiple sensor options and modes, all configurable on-the-fly in the machine’s software, to handle any condition. Using these new modes, you can cut in wind and blowing grass better than ever, without the need for extra windshields.

All new machines come GPS-ready and with an on-board cellular modem for remote training and diagnostics. They also have the ability to support our new FireLink data reports.