ProSlab 160 Features

With all the added features available in both the ProSlab 155C and 160, you might be wondering when it would make sense to invest in a 160 for your farm.

The 155C is an amazing harvester, no doubt about it. In addition to all the features on the 155C, the ProSlab 160 takes performance to another level with better fuel efficiency, faster transport, improved traction, and a big boost in productivity.


Added to the ProSlab 160 are electric conveyors (upper and pickup), which give you very repeatable high speeds and smooth, accurate control. Upgrading these systems to electric reduces hydraulic oil temperature and improves the already impressive fuel efficiency.

The ProSlab 160 also comes with reconfigured gear ratios for higher transport speed and improved traction control when harvesting in slippery conditions.

Probably the biggest difference between the two ProSlab models is productivity. While the 155B is highly productive, the 160 is turf production on steroids. The ProSlab 160 is the first FireFly machine to capture all the energy of a decelerating stacker. Its upgraded electrical system allows the harvester to store this energy in a high-end capacitor bank to be used on the next power cycle. Moments later, the machine reuses energy when the stacker accelerates again.

Through this energy capture system, The 160’s Ultra Capacitor boosts overall efficiency and speed—and therefore productivity—by a whopping 20 to 30 percent. This increase can bring your operation a very convincing return on investment.