Large-Scale Autonomous Mowing

Solve labor challenges with the 21-ft autonomous M220-AV.

Designed from the ground up for large-scale autonomous mowing, the M220-AV has undergone many years of manned and driverless field testing.

The M220-AV employs “teach & repeat” autonomy.

  • Drive a path once in “teach” mode
  • Bring the mower to the same starting position and get out of the cab
  • Using the tablet, tell it to “repeat” the path it was taught without a driver
  • The M220-AV can now mow your fields autonomously, repeating exactly as you did, day after day
  • Multiple paths can be taught and selected for the M220-AV to “repeat”

With a powerful controller and a full suite of sensors, the M220-AV has precision mapping and consistent path following.

  • Powerful controller
  • High resolution LiDAR sensors
  • Light/autonomy bar
  • Stereo/observation cameras
  • Rear-view cameras
  • Dual antenna GPS
Cab of world's first M220-AV autonomous lawn mower

A durable tablet is provided to:

  • Access the FireLink platform
  • Initiate “teach and repeat” sessions
  • View the field from the perspective of the M220-AV