High Performance Finish Quality

The M220’s front-mounted electric decks are meticulously engineered to achieve finish mowing quality, at speeds up to 10 mph (16 kph).

Optimized for cut quality and grass health, the self-propelled mower produces a 20’11” (6.4 m) precision cut before anything runs over your grass. And with its high flotation radial tires and balanced design, you don’t have to worry about ruts in your fields.

Easily change height on-the-fly while maintaining accurate deck levels with the FireFly’s patented Digital Height Control system.

Heights adjust by 1/16” (2 mm) within a 3”+ range of mow heights (5/8” to 4” or 16 mm to 101 mm).

The M220-AV protects your grass by distributing its weight through balance and high flotation tires. Prevent damage to turf during turns while maintaining desired cut height with automatic deck lifting.

The precise aerodynamics of the electric decks and blades also result in a precision cut and excellent clipping distribution.