TurfView Cab

When an operator can perform the job in comfort, productivity and quality will increase. We pay attention to the details in the cabin to accomplish this. Simply step right in.


The operator has a clear view of the cutter head, conveyor, and stacker without twisting or straining.

Both ProSlab models now include extended mirrors, giving you an even clearer view down both sides. Also standard is a back-up camera system, so you can see what’s behind the machine when backing up.

For better ergonomics, the engine controls have been moved to the top dash, and the cab now features an extra wide air-ride swivel seat that swivels over 180 degrees from front to back. No more leaning sideways or straining your neck to see. It’s easy to get in and out.

Full climate control and comfortable operator controls to reduce operator fatigue. Now standard on all new harvesters: premium infotainment system with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, wireless charging phone holder, USB and USB-C charging ports, and 110v 400w inverter mounted under the dash.

Vibration isolators between cab, frame, and engine ensure long life as well as reducing operator fatigue. All control electronics are packaged inside the cabin for protection from the environment, giving it long life and low maintenance.

Unique back door for easy access to rear platform to inspect turf and access hydraulic filters. Easy access to oil, fuel, and air filters. You can now open the pallet doors from the cab in all new harvesters, thanks to the new hydraulic pallet doors. The operator doesn’t have to leave their machine to load pallets—and neither does the forklift driver. Turn signals are controllable by a new auxiliary keypad on the seat.

Wide, slip-resistant steps and ergonomic handrails give the operator safe and convenient access to the cab. Convenient toolbox and blade storage area keeps your machine productive. There is also added storage to keep belongings stowed out of the way.