Gentle on your Fields

We specifically designed our self-propelled harvesters for low ground pressure…for when you don’t want to leave a mark.

The engine is placed on the opposite side of the conveyor and cutter for superior weight balance without the need of extra ballast. This self-propelled design, along with its hydrostatic drive with full time 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel traction control allows FireFly turf harvesters to work very well on uneven ground–even side hills. Planetary wheel drives have an emergency tow release feature.

High flotation radial tires will leave your field with low impact for excellent re-grow. The side-cutting design keeps you from driving on your turf. Our sod harvesters operate easily in soft field conditions.

FireFly harvesters have two important features that allow them to perform exceptionally well on all kinds of hilly fields.

The first is outstanding chassis stability. Our wide stance front axle, along with great weight balance, keeps your cutterhead stable and square with the ground, even on side slopes.

The second is our electric stacker. Traditional hydraulically-controlled harvesters have difficulty holding the stacker steady along hills and slopes. All FireFly harvesters use electro servo motors to move the stacker. Electric motors give a smooth, accurate, efficient, and repeatable operation, and they also hold the stacker in exact position in sloping fields.