Every Minute Matters

At FireFly, we understand that small tasks add up to impact your productivity.

The M220-AV has countless features to save time.

Once you’ve taught the M220-AV its path, it can repeat it with high efficiency over and over, freeing up loads of time for your staff to accomplish other tasks. Depending on conditions, it can autonomously mow up to 25 acres per hour with minimal overlap.

  • Automatic one-touch deck latches
  • Height adjusts on-the-fly

The large 60-gallon (227 liter) capacity fuel tank means the mower can go farther on a tank.

We’ve designed the M220 for lower maintenance from the beginning, but with the autonomous M220-AV model, you’ll spend even less time to keep your mower in tip top shape.

  • No gears or PTO’s to maintain
  • All bearings (except rollers) and spindles are sealed for less greasing
  • Quick change belts
  • Updated high voltage system improves serviceability, reliability, and safety
  • Improved wire routing
  • Fuses and breakers are more easily accessible for maintenance/servicing
  • Post-weld machining on spindle housings and decks
  • Change out spindles without having to re-level anything
  • No shims to keep track of

We’ve also refined our manufacturing processes to fulfill your machine orders more quickly. The chassis/frame is improved to cut down fabrication time and improve efficiencies in assembly.