Easy to Maneuver and Tow

We all know that maneuvering is easier without pulling something behind us. When driving the self-propelled M220-AV to teach paths, you’ll appreciate this mower’s tight turning radius and ergonomic handling. And when it’s time to move it between fields, you can pull it with just a 1-ton pickup.

Solve labor challenges with the 21-ft autonomous M220-AV.

  • Joystick steering
  • Infinitely variable hydrostatic drive
  • Tight 20-foot (6 m) turning radius
  • Folds to just over 8 feet (246 cm) width, so you can move it around with a 1-ton pickup.
  • Easily fold the decks and drive field-to-field at speeds up to 14 mph (22 kph).