Charged up about our mower’s new name: the AMP

Our revolutionary 100-inch electric autonomous mower needed a memorable name.

When Fox News reported on the release of our new robot mower, its name sort of got sidelined. Don’t get us wrong, we’re happy to have our robot featured, but “mega mower” doesn’t really tell its story. What debuted as the M100-AV has a new name, and we couldn’t be more, well, amped!

AMP stands for Autonomous Mowing Platform. The mower can mow autonomously, or without an operator, and intelligently plans and executes the most efficient paths for your fields and fairways. It is a labor-saving platform that currently includes two 100-inch models (the AMP-L100 and AMP-X100) with three cutting unit options, but there will be more variations to come.

The AMP name is also a nod to the fact that the machine is all-electric. Powered by a Lithium Iron Phospate battery pack with an impressive lifespan of over 5,000 charge cycles, the AMP cuts energy costs. Eliminating the engine and all hydraulics also reduces maintenance and makes room for better ground clearance and performance.

We are now accepting reservations for deliveries beginning in Spring 2024. If you want to get AMPed, you can reserve one here!