A Cut Above

Produce a consistent quality of cut your customers will notice. Lower maintenance, easily adjustable, double down pressure roller. Ever heard of pallet envy?

No other cutter on the market can perform in more widely varying conditions so simply, due to FireFly’s exclusive ground pressure control algorithms. From hard and rocky, to soft and muddy. Our patented electric chop with position-based speed control will amaze you with its quality of cut.


Standard on all FireFly harvesters, our patented cutter head synchronization builds on what was already the highest performance cutter head in the industry. It allows you to synchronize the cutter speed, head boom pressure, and head pressure with the ground speed. For example, when you have a fast ground speed, you can have a fast cutter head speed. When you go slower, the machine will automatically slow down the cutter speed, allowing you to highly optimize your cut quality.

The R300 also uses a counter-rotating balancing shaft that reduces vibration and
increases bearing life—allowing for smoother, higher blade speeds. As a bonus, it also reduces power requirements, saving you fuel. Oh, and did we mention it’s fast and precise?

Our harvesting machines utilize the most advanced floating cutter head available. Our patented cutter head hitch provides the right flotation and balance, using simple rubber-mounted connections. This design produces a superb block and leaves the field in excellent condition for re-grow.

The electric cut-off is incredibly durable, because it was built for the high cycles of a slab machine. Whether you’re stacking slabs or rolls, your FireFly harvester will chop with precision for a long, long time.

Sometimes it’s the little things that are the most appreciated. The safety latch on the head boom is easy to use, and its pivot is greaseless for zero maintenance.

The cutter features FireFly’s proven depth control system that provides unmatched stability for your cutter blade, low maintenance, and long life. The depth of cut is easily changed with the touch of a button. One of FireFly’s early innovations, our depth control systems represent several themes found throughout our harvesters: longer lasting…built to handle the job…less grease and maintenance.

The down pressure is fully adjustable to accommodate very hard ground and soft ground, all at the operator’s fingertips. FireFly’s double down pressure roller gives you more consistent turf. With more even thickness, the turf doesn’t tear as easily, and the pallets are easier to load.