Patented Slab Accumulation

One reason ProSlab harvesters are so productive is their patented slab accumulation. Slabs are traditionally cut in small sizes, such as 16”x24,” and FireFly offers exactly the styles of slabs and pallet configurations traditionally used by hand stack machines, but with much higher productivity.

These small pieces travel up the ProSlab’s main conveyor, which has a gentle slope that allows for extra tall pallets and helps prevent turf from slipping. It follows the contours of the ground with the head. The two-piece conveyor also lifts for high ground clearance during transport.

Back to those slabs traveling up the conveyor. There are gaps between them as they come up the main conveyor. Through our patented system, with proprietary sensing and logic, the ProSlab SynchroStacker brings the pieces of turf together on the pickup conveyor and stacks them as one block. This accumulation happens without slowing down, significantly boosting productivity and the life of the stacker. This accumulation—or gap close, as we like to call it, can be configured for 2 to 4 pieces of varying sizes to allow farms to produce their pallets to their exact specifications without compromising productivity.