Less Fuel, More Turf

The fuel efficient systems of FireFly hybrid harvesters stay cooler, operate more smoothly, and last longer.

FireFly’s approach to design is unique in the industry, engineering fuel efficiency into our equipment from the ground up.


Powered by a turbo-charged JCB engine that is perfectly suited for your turf production, FireFly harvesters are far more fuel efficient than the competition.

JCB engine in FireFly sod harvester

The certified Tier 4 Final engine with 74 hp (55 kw) and hydrostatic, infinitely variable transmission eliminates the need for DEF, DPF, or regen cycles. Additionally, because engine life is measured in gallons of fuel burned—not hours—this engine has a much longer life than those used by other manufacturers.

The turbo-charged engine is also vibration isolated and runs at low RPMs to give you great fuel economy. And you’ll make fewer fuel stops with a 60 gallon/225 liter tank.

The moisture blocking tank breather keeps moisture out of oil in high humidity environments. The blower fan blows hot air out, keeping the engine compartment cool, extending component life.

Electric technology brings unmatched efficiency and fast, smooth movements. Smooth operation greatly reduces wear and tear on your machine. Electric systems are highly reliable and energy efficient, using only the power they need to save fuel. They are commonly used in industrial machines including robots and CNC machine tools. FireFly brought this best practice to turf harvesting.

When we produced the first FireFly harvester, we found that the speed of our machine required a better, faster cutoff system. This led us to develop the first-of-its-kind electric cutoff system. This cutoff produces an excellent, clean cut at blazing fast speeds. It operates very smoothly, reducing the wear and tear associated with other machines.

Our electrically driven stacker, the SynchroStacker, is simply the smoothest, fastest and most accurate stacker in the industry. And the most fuel efficient of all slab stackers. It requires very little maintenance and can transfer even the most tender sod to the pallet with ease.

Standard LED lighting package provides true daylight color at night, reduces power drain, and lasts longer…a lot longer. LED lights are commonly rated for 50,000 hours.

FireFly sod harvester

Direct drive hydraulic pumps provide increased efficiency and lower weight. Spin-on hydraulic filters are above the oil tank level, making them easy to change and minimizing oil loss during service. This reduces contamination during service.