Autonomous Eligibility

If you’re interested in how the FireFly M220-AV autonomous mower might fit into your operations, here’s a look at the steps to determine if it’s a good fit.

An M220-AV on its way to a customer

Once your organization is identified as a potential candidate, we’ll need to determine its current autonomy eligibility.

  • You’ll be asked to provide some details about your fields, such as
    field type/layout, irrigation configuration, and cell coverage.
  • Our team will make a preliminary determination if your farm meets
    the requirements for the current autonomy capabilities.
  • If you’re considered an appropriate candidate, we will complete a
    site survey to verify eligibility and infrastructure needs.

What makes an organization eligible?

Criteria will change over time, but currently some of the criteria include:

  • Relatively flat fields, at least 16-acres
  • Good cell service
  • No solid set irrigation or hand lines
  • 2-ft buffer around pivots, risers, and field edge with tall grass or trees

While you’re waiting for your mower, we’ll be busy:

  • Building your M220-AV with autonomy hardware
  • Choosing and building corrections solution (NTRIP over cell or RTK base station, which may require a fixed pole or portable tripod mast) to improve location accuracy
  • Setting up your organization, user accounts, and field maps in FireLink
  • Setting up machine data in database

When your M220-AV arrives, our team will:

  • Install base station using the existing mast and test functionality
  • Recalibrate LiDAR sensors
  • Train your team to use the REMI tablet and run the mower autonomously
  • Teach paths to the mower
  • Provide maintenance schedules
  • Provide on-site support for two weeks
FireFly M220-AV engineer with REMI tablet
M220-AV path plan
  • Autonomy subscriptions will include software updates, support, and cell service.

  • Support Portal connects you with Help Desk and a growing knowledge library.

  • Pilot program participants will also have additional Engineering monitoring for customer support.

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