The FireFly Warranty

Here at FireFly Automatix, we take great pride in the quality of the machines that come off of our assembly line. As a result, we provide a warranty that backs up our high expectations for quality.

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We’re always striving to improve the customer experience of owning a FireFly harvester or mower, and one such improvement is our updated, comprehensive machine warranty.

We have worked to define and standardize our warranty process so that your experience will be easier and more streamlined. Our aim is to provide you with more visibility into the process and close the loop more quickly and consistently on warranty claims.

It's easy to submit warranty claims through

warranty process flowchart

What can I expect?

To recap, here are the steps you can expect on new warranty claims.

  • An issue occurs that is potentially a warranty claim.

  • Log a FireFly Support Portal ticket for the issue, or call the FireFly Help Desk to create a ticket for you. Make note of the Support Portal ticket number, as it will be needed to process the warranty.

  • Submit a warranty claim on our website warranty page by filling out our short warranty claim form. This will generate a Warranty Order for this claim. You have 30 business days to submit your request from the time you are issued a Warranty Order.

  • Your replacement parts will be sent out and invoiced.

  • Replace the parts or schedule our service team to do so. Take pictures for documentation and save faulty parts.

  • We will notify you that we have received the claim and that it is being reviewed. The review process will be completed within 30 days.

  • Once we have made a determination, we will contact you to let you know if the claim is approved or denied and the reasons why. If approved, you will have 30 days to return the faulty part and will be issued a credit.

Please feel free to review all details of our new warranty process on our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team. Our hope is that this new standardized procedure will make the warranty process clearer, easier, and quicker to wrap up.

What’s covered?

Please refer to your machine’s warranty document for full details. Our Limited Warranty will cover all new products from any manufacturer defect. Our definition of a manufacturer defect is: a deviation from design specifications during production resulting in a product’s defect, frailty, or shortcoming. This is excluding wear and tear from normal use.


This Limited Warranty starts at the time of your product’s registration OR upon shipment of parts, and is good for 1 year or 1,000 hours of use, whichever comes first. FireFly Automatix will be responsible for the replacement of all defective parts and for ground shipping of the parts to you. FireFly Automatix does not cover any labor expenses or expedited shipping costs.


Items that are not covered by FireFly Automatix Limited Warranty include but are not limited to: Hooks, Screws, Hook Shafts, Bearings, Conveyor Belts, Drive Belts, Shafts, Sensors, Tires, Filters, Sliding Surfaces, Fluids, Springs, Bumpers, Bungees, Pulleys, Chains, Energy Chains, and/or Glass.


This warranty does not apply to failures or defects caused by failure to follow the Operator’s Manual, failure to use specified filters and lubricants, use of non-OEM parts, neglect of recommended maintenance, non-authorized modifications, abusive operation, natural disaster, acts of God, or general misuse of equipment. Use of a non FireFly Automatix part may result in a denial of claim on a subsequent part of the same system.

Warranty Claims

To submit a warranty claim for any part on your FireFly Automatix harvester, please submit this form to our parts department for review.


Refer to your machine’s warranty document for full details.


Service Help Desk (801) 335-6995

Parts Department (801) 698-5128

FireFly Automatix assembly line