The FireFly’s cut our labor tremendously. A harvester being down because it needs maintenance is not an option, and the FireFly’s keep us cutting reliably every day. The ProSlabs show up for work and don’t complain; they just cut. We can harvest 40 percent more grass with half the people.Taylor Schwartz, Farm Manager, Turfection, Texas
The FireFly R300 is a superior harvester at every level. It performs very smoothly, and the cab interior is incomparable. The high-precision quality of the cutter head is extraordinary. Additionally, the flaps on the rolls are well-positioned with perfect consistency, allowing for the production of more than perfect pallets. We are also happy to be using FireFly’s new palletless system, which picks up stacks with six forks and no pallet. It works like a charm. Thanks, FireFly Automatix!Gabriel, Julien, and Robert Richer, Groupe Richer, Quebec Canada
La FireFly R300 est un équipement supérieur à tous les niveaux. Elle performe tout en douceur et son formidable habitacle est incomparable. La haute qualité de précision de la tête récolteuse est extraordinaire. Que dire de la parfaite constance du positionnement des ‘bavettes’ des rouleaux permettant la réalisation de palettes plus que parfaites. Nous sommes heureux également d’utiliser la FireFly sans palettes grâce à six fourches. Un vrai charme! Merci FireFly Automatix!Gabriel, Julien et Robert Richer, Groupe Richer, Québec Canada
What it’s like running a Automatix Firefly PROSlab 155…productive, thrilling, straightforward, relaxing, fast, comfortable, and the list goes on!Jutt Howard, VP, NG Turf, Georgia
The R300 handles hillsides better, as well as our rocky soil texture. It also does better in the slime, thanks to the 4-wheel drive and anti-slip in second gear. I’m always impressed with the level of communication we receive from FireFly Automatix. We have Tarl locally, and he’s been a huge asset to keeping us running, and Westin is a good example of someone who will help solve a problem and make sure it’s communicated to us from the inside support team. FireFly’s got it going on!Doug Lechlider, Owner, Laytonsville Turf Farm, Maryland
If there’s a machine that can harvest more grass, and make it look better on the pallet, then it is worth a look. The 155B is that machine, and it’s made a huge impact with productivity.John Scarborough, Farm Manager, The Bushel Stop Sod Farm, Florida
After acquiring a ProSlab 155B, we’ve increased our harvesting efficiency by eliminating the tedious task of hand-stacking. It has also improved our work-life balance immeasurably.Shaun Corbett, Co-owner, Hamilton Plains Turf, Queensland, Australia
Our FireFly R300 is the best capital investment our company has ever made. And it is made in America. Thank you, FireFly.Doug Albert, Owner, Maine Turf Company, Maine
Our FireFly ProSlab 155B automated harvester saves on labor and gives better harvest yields.Matt Williams, President, Agriturf Inc., Florida
We were fine hand-stacking, but the R300 provided such a high value with speed and labor savings, that we decided to make the leap. This FireFly is our first major technology improvement, and it’s made us believers in automation.Michael Juip, Owner, Brown City Sod, Michigan
Scrapped pieces equal money left on the field. We are incredibly impressed by how much less scrap was in the field with the R300 as compared to other automated machines. The other point that is important to our business is how reliable the machine is. These machines work hard, and knowing that our equipment will reliably work day after day is a huge relief.Scott Hoffman, Co-owner, B&B Hoffman Sod, Minnesota
The efficiency of this machine has had a positive impact on our harvest. We’ve run other automated slab harvesters, and the ProSlab is far more efficient than the competition. We harvest more grass in less time with the 155C.Jodie Hayes, Owner, The Grass Company, Georgia
Five years ago, we could produce 600 pallets with eight or nine hand-stacking crews—that’s three people each, plus one on the forklift. With one operator per FireFly ProSlab, we hit a record last week with 1500 pallets in a single day, using nine of our FireFly harvesters.Elmer Urias, Grass Production Foreman, Murff Turf, Texas
Switching to a FireFly was an absolute game changer. We have always been able to meet our demand, if just barely, but with the FireFly, we’re able to seek out new customers and harvest more grass in the same amount of time as before.

FireFly’s service has been almost better than the machine. Colby, Tarl, Dave Strickland, and the rest of the team have made sure that this machine is productive. It’s one thing to design and build a machine like this, but it’s another thing entirely to put together a service team capable of keeping it running.Hunter Milligan, Owner, Sod South, Wilmington, North Carolina

Let me start by saying WOW! After my 23 years…I’ve driven a lot of machinery, but this is very different.

The Firefly R300 is so advanced, such a joy to drive, air ride swivel seat for comfort and visibility, sound proof cab with visibility all round and access to absolutely everything…There are 3 separate ways to scrap a bad roll without leaving the seat, it is so user-friendly. Every pallet has perfect flap positioning and the pallets look great.

We can save settings for different land conditions, with one button I can change the whole setup of the machine and its [74hp] engine means we use a lot less fuel and no adblue meaning no regen cycles. The harvester only uses 35hp to operate as the Cut-off, Rollup, Conveyor and Stacker are all electrically-driven. I filled the machine with fuel on Monday, did four days harvesting without having to refuel which is a massive saving.

This machine fits our model perfectly for the odd sizes that we lift. I have lifted all of our internet pallets this week sending odd size pallets out without handballing a single roll.Dan Touchin, Feltwell Harvest Manager, Harrowden Turf, Norfolk, United Kingdom

With the FireFly, we never have to say no to orders. And the pallets are so pretty! My team is done cutting by noon, because this machine cuts so fast and efficiently. We can do a full day’s work in half a day. This gives us more time to mow.Brad Sherry, Sod by Sherry, Oklahoma
It’s the fastest slab harvester on the market. It also leaves zero waste in the field. We get a better harvest yield and our customers get the freshest sod possible.Mark McWhorter, NG Turf, Georgia
World’s best slab harvester.Brandon Chambley, Sod Atlanta, Georgia
We have been in this game for 36 years, from hand cutters to a new FireFly, and everything else in between. This is a great industry, but the biggest hassle for farmers across the world is harvesting, and it looks like FireFly has cracked the nut in that regard, well and truly. That nut cracker is made up of many pieces: reliability, simplicity, ease of service, operator comfort, factory backup, and above all, productivity.

We witness regularly a 3:1 increase in productivity over our other auto machines, and that is a huge one for us—less people, less gear in the field, less fuel etc—just more productivity per dollar invested. The thing that attracted us to FireFly’s product initially was that the whole process has been attacked from a different angle, a whole new platform of technology, advanced design functions, indestructible construction techniques, but above all of that, these guys actually care about how your machines perform. The other thing is, it stays in the paddock all day working. I think our operator is going to start getting his mail diverted to a letterbox in the thing, he nearly sleeps in it.Lynn Davidson, Managing Director of Jimboomba Turf, QLD Australia

With a shifting customer base, we decided to change from hand-stacked rolls to automated slabs, and the FireFly seemed like the best machine for that. The stacker is very smooth and consistent, making a nice square pallet that is a lot more stable for transport. It’s easy to adjust to varying conditions and soil strengths. It has great visibility. We appreciate the service that FireFly provides, both remotely and in person.Brent Redman, Buchanan Turf, NSW Australia
The benefit of having a smart machine like a FireFly is that it produces the turf in a much more efficient manner from a labor standpoint and also from a production amount of grass we are taking out of the field. As an end user of FireFly’s equipment, I don’t know a lot about how it works, but it works, and that’s what’s important.Lindy Murff, Murff Turf Farms, Texas
The ProSlab 155 makes it easier to cut our grass so that we can deliver it to our customers even quicker!William Gavranovich, Jr., All Seasons Turf Grass, Texas
The FireFly harvester shows up to work on time, ready to work. It’s reliable. A customer told me that we had the best looking grass he’d ever seen, because it was so neatly stacked. The machine’s easy to maintain. When I make a phone call, the staff at FireFly knows their machine. That saves a lot of down time. The ProSlab is also easy to operate. I love that I can get something done on the weekends, when I’m just a one man operation.Kyonil McKee, Production Manager, Wilderness Turf, Louisiana
The secret weapon of FireFly is that the cutter head outperforms everybody else. The yield off this machine is about 3:1 compared to the other automated harvesters that we have, plus the hand-stacks. Also, the cab is quiet and comfortable. You can spend the whole day in there. None of my operators have come back complaining that they’re tired out or have a crick in their neck. Another thing I love is the fuel economy. We’re averaging probably 1-2 gallons per hour less over the competitor.Brandon Chambley, Farm Manager, Sod Atlanta, Georgia
We’re very concerned with labor, and what that looks like in the future. It’s getting very, very difficult to find good help, and that was one of the reasons we chose to invest in automation for our sod harvesting. By doing so, it’s a one man operation, with the hopes of making us much, much more efficient.Eric Hjort, Tater Farms, Florida
Comfortable to operate and great visibility! Nothing quite like a FireFly! The FireFly ProSlab 155 stacks perfect pallets all day long.Woerner Turf, Alabama

Two ProSlabs


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FireFly ProSlab 155

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