Our Core Purpose.

We improve people’s lives by solving problems through creative disciplined engineering, operational excellence, and epic TEAMwork.

Our Executive TEAM

Steve Aposhian
Steven Aposhian | CTO and Chairman

Steve has been involved in the turf industry since he could walk. He grew up working in his family turf and landscaping business, spending a good deal of his time repairing harvesters and other turf equipment. Steve earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah. He has been interested in automation from a young age and developed many skills when he worked at Honda R&D Americas in design and durability testing. He led the first place team in Honda R&D Americas quality improvement competition, which he presented to Honda’s board of directors at its world convention in Japan. Following his passion for testing and automation, Steve went to work for National Instruments in Austin, Texas. Here he was involved in teaching and implementing LabVIEW software for machine automation and testing. He was also the Field Sales Engineer for Utah, Southern Idaho and Montana. Steve went on to develop testing software and hardware for hydraulic test systems and gained experience in transmission design. Steve co-authored “Extending the Life of Aging Hydraulic Test Equipment” for the National Defense Industrial Association. Steve is a Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD), as well as a certified Greenbelt and Lean 6 Sigma engineer. He loves to fly fish and cook for his family and friends.

Will Decker
Will Decker | VP of Engineering

An expert in electrical power systems, Will brings a wealth of mechanical design experience to FireFly. Working on medical applications, Will has built cancer therapy research equipment, designed X-ray imaging equipment, and developed DNA-sequencing instruments for the University of Utah. He has also developed rotary wing aircraft and created an R&D department for an aluminum manufacturer to develop commercial products and industrial processes. Will was the owner and Chief Engineer of Crossroads Product Development, a mechanical engineering consulting firm, for seven years. At Crossroads, Will had oversight and development responsibility for a variety of automotive power train parts and systems for aftermarket and research companies. In addition, he also built automated test equipment, aerospace composites material processing equipment, and agricultural harvesting parts and systems. In the agriculture arena, Will has performed contract work designing turf harvesting cutter head and conveyor systems. Prior to graduating with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Utah, Will was captain of the Formula SAE design competition team at the University of Utah. He served as a tank commander in the Marine Corps during Operation Desert Storm..

Dan Aposhian
Dan Aposhian | Service Manager

Dan was the operations manager for Aposhian Turf Farms for 13 years. Dan has served as the president and secretary of the Intermountain Turf Producers, a chapter of Turf Producers International. Dan understands lean principles as they apply to production processes used in turf farming and has a deep understanding of all aspects of the turf production process. Dan also has extensive experience operating automated turf harvesting machines and provides critical insight to our design team on product design from the perspective of an operator. He attended the University of Utah, where he studied Spanish and Business Administration. Dan carries his passion for speed from the field to the track, where he is a pro motocross racer.

Andrew Limpert
Andrew Limpert | Chief Executive Officer

Andrew holds a bachelors degree and MBA in Finance. Andrew served as the Chief Financial Officer at Profire Energy, where he was responsible for strategic financial and business planning, business expansion and financial reporting. He has over 20 years experience providing strategic and financial advice and has founded, funded, and consulted on numerous successful businesses, both private and public. Andrew has appeared on national television on Bloomberg Business News and Fox Business. He has also been featured in Forbes Business online magazine as an author and quoted in many articles for business periodicals or newspapers as an expert on finance viewpoints. In 2012 he won the CFO award for the State of Utah by Utah Business magazine. Andrew has served on the board of directors for several non-profit organizations working in the areas of substance recovery and fitness and sports for youth, as well as the Salt Lake and Utah County Chambers of Commerce and the Bill & Vieve Gore School of Business at Westminster College. Mr. Limpert has 5 children and is the step dad for 3 boys. He and his Wife Trina enjoy golf, fitness, reading about investments or biology, playing all sports, travel and working on their ranch in SE Utah when they aren’t enjoying sushi or an intense family soccer game on the front lawn.

Eric Aston
Eric Aston | Principal Mechanical Engineer

Eric has a strong background in mechanical design and manufacturing technology, including machining, welding, fabricating and composites. He is an expert in servo systems. Eric worked at Autonomous Solutions, where he focused on automating a wide array of autonomous vehicles. He led the full system design for small military and law enforcement high mobility robots. He also worked at the University of Utah Advanced Manufacturing Lab as a CNC Machinist. While attending the University of Utah, Eric was a member of both the FormulaSAE and BajaSAE intercollegiate competition teams. Eric received a bachelors of science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah. Eric also served in the Idaho Army National Guard for ten years. He achieved the Army Achievement Medal and received a Battery Soldier of the Year Award. Eric is an avid outdoorsman and loves to snowshoe.

Dr. Sam Drake
Dr. Samuel Drake | Chief Scientist

Sam has extensive experience in design for manufacturing, control systems and robotics. Sam has been a Research Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah. He taught design and advised many students on their senior design projects. Sam was responsible for the operation of the Advanced Manufacturing Lab at the University of Utah for 22 years. He was involved in research projects for advanced CNC manufacturing, rapid CNC manufacturing and automated machining of CAD sketches. Before his appointments at the University of Utah, Sam worked as a Physicist at Sanders Associates; as member of the research staff and Program Manager at Charles Stark Draper Laboratory; as President of Astek Engineering; as President and General Manager of Kinematics; and as a principal mechanical engineer at Sarcos/Raytheon, a design and research engineering company. Sam has worked on projects such as the lunar module simulator, automated assembly of an automobile alternator, and robot loading and unloading of machine tools. Sam has served as the advisor for the BajaSAE and FormulaSAE intercollegiate competition teams at the University of Utah since 1986. He has received the following degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: a SB in Physics; a SM in Mechanical Engineering; a Mech Eng in Mechanical Engineering; and a ScD in Mechanical Engineering. Sam is the co-inventor of several patents. Although he has never been to the moon, Sam does build and fly lite aircraft.

Matt Aposhian
Matt Aposhian | President and Chief Operating Officer

Matt grew up working in his family’s turf business. He has been the president of Aposhian Turf Farms since 2005, and as a result is critical to understanding the needs of our customers. Matt has evaluated and purchased automated turf harvesting machines through his role as President of Aposhian Sod Farms, and is intimately familiar with the cost/benefit analysis of purchasing automated harvesting machines. Matt has 20 years’ experience in managing teams of employees, implementing processes and training systems. He has extensive financial management experience. He has a proven track record of managing companies to execute company objectives. He oversaw the growth of Aposhian companies with a 33% compounded average growth rate over 8 years. Additionally, Matt has served as the President of the Intermountain Turf Producers, a chapter of Turf Producers International. Matt received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from the University of Utah in 2000 and a Masters of Business Administration from Brigham Young University. He loves to snowmobile in Utah’s beautiful mountains.

Dave Collier
David Collier | Director of Sales

David joined FireFly in August 2015, bringing over 23 years of sales management background. David got his start introducing complete dealer management software and hardware solutions to the marine and motorcycle industries. He learned early on that the signing of a sales contract is only the beginning of the customer relationship. Throughout his career, David has insisted that the sales organizations he has built and been a part of make customer service and the customer relationship top priority. In the last few years, David was in charge of a national sales and service team providing computer solutions to the oil and gas industries. He helped the company increase monthly revenues from $250,000/month to over $4,000,000/month. The key to the extraordinary growth and success was building a team that provided unmatched customer care and experience. David grew up in the small town of Richmond, Kentucky, He and his wife Connie have three wonderful children. David enjoys boating, hiking, canyoneering, and skiing. He loves the outdoors in general and continues to be an avid Kentucky Wildcat basketball fan. David volunteers through his church and is a leader in the Boy Scouts organization. He is active in the community and supports his wife and her business partner who run a successful gymnastics center in Provo, Utah. He is excited to be a part of such an amazing organization. The technology designed to make a sod farmer’s life better is unmatched in the industry. He loves being able to share that story with so many solid testimonials to back it up. As he states, “Improving lives of sod farmers and their families is the reward”. He adds, “To look at any prospective customer and to be able to tell them that every ProSlab machine sold is operating and productive, is something that only FireFly can boast of.”

Our Board Members

Andy Cindrich
Andy Cindrich | Board Member

Andy helps organizations dramatically improve results by applying strategy and execution and cultivating trust. He pushes himself and those he works with very hard to ensure success but also applies his engaging sense of humor and enthusiasm for life to help make the experience as enjoyable as it is powerful. Andy is a highly-rated keynote speaker and he played a key role in developing FranklinCovey’s 4 Disciplines of Execution solution, now documented in a best-selling book.

Andy brings an abundance of knowledge in working with people and organizations who are serious about “winning.” Since 1999, Andy has worked as a facilitator and senior consultant for clients in software, insurance, hospitality, foods, mortgage/banking, construction, healthcare, education, chemicals, technology, telecom, energy, shared services, transportation, pharma, and more. He has worked with all functions including sales, R&D, manufacturing, finance, marketing, IT, operations, and HR.

Andy earned a master’s in education with an emphasis in educational leadership and a bachelor’s degree in teaching psychology, history, and coaching from Brigham Young University. He also studied design at Kansas State University.

He is a master gardener with a passion for homemade salsa. He enjoys coaching, motorcycling, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and making furniture. He lives near the mountains of Utah with his wife, Suzie, and their three beautiful children.

William Bremer
William Bremer | Board Member

William enjoys cultivating ideas across a broad range of industries, scanning for underlying long-term trends. His 25 years of experience range across many industrial and infrastructure industries including transmission and distribution, power and energy, water infrastructure, oil and gas, air emissions, and roadway industries.

William is currently the Director of Market Intelligence and Strategist for Quanta Services, a company known for delivering infrastructure solutions for electric power, oil and gas, and communications industries. Prior to this position, he worked as a top ranked equity analyst for several companies including Maxim Group, Andrecca Asset Management, and Moore Capital Management.

William is a proven market strategist and has a passion for feeling and seeing the underlying trends of an end-market. He is frequently invited to provide analytical insight to media. His strengths include analyzing companies in the process of restructuring, keenly focusing on where operating margins may gravitate to, thereby unlocking hidden value.

William received his MBA with Dual Majors in Accounting & Taxation with an emphasis on International Taxation from the Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University. Outside of the market, William enjoys restoring antique furniture, golf where he hopes to one day break 80, coaching soccer, and spending time with his family.