Which ProSlab is best for your farm?

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Which ProSlab? 155C or 160?

The ProSlab 155C and ProSlab 160 harvesters both offer enhanced features and improvements over previous ProSlab models, with many similarities and a few important differences. You might be wondering which harvester is best for your business.

Both models offer many upgrades.

The ProSlab 155C is the third generation of ProSlab 155 harvesters, which have been the gold standard in slab turf harvesting for ten years. While there are a multitude of proven components that continue to be offered on the 155C and the ProSlab 160, there are also many new features that now come standard on all new ProSlabs. The ProSlab 160 has everything the 155C offers, and more. If you’re thinking of upgrading from an earlier model or purchasing your first FireFly harvester, here are some reasons to consider a new ProSlab:

  • Synchronized Cutter

    Standard on both the ProSlab 155C and 160, our patent-pending cutter head synchronization builds on what was already the highest performance cutter head in the industry. It allows you to synchronize the cutter speed, head boom pressure, and head pressure with the ground speed. For example, when you have a fast ground speed, you can have a fast cutter head speed. When you go slower, the machine will automatically slow down the cutter speed, allowing you to highly optimize your cut quality.

  • Advanced Slab Detection

    Another example of FireFly’s pioneering advanced technology, our new ProSlab harvesters provide smarter slab detection. Even in windy conditions, the machines can effectively sense where the slabs are on the conveyor, which is critical to stacking a perfect pallet. You can select from multiple sensor options and modes, all configurable on-the-fly in the machine’s software, to handle any condition. Using these new modes, you can cut in wind and blowing grass better than ever, without the need for extra windshields.

  • Improved Fuel Efficiency

    Powered by a turbo-charged JCB engine that is perfectly suited for your turf production, the 155C and 160 are far more fuel efficient than the competition. The certified Tier 4 Final engine with 74 hp (55 kw) and hydrostatic, infinitely variable transmission eliminates the need for DEF, DPF, or regen cycles. Additionally, because engine life is measured in gallons of fuel burned—not hours—this engine has a much longer life than those used by other manufacturers.

  • 360-degree View

    Both new ProSlab models now include extended mirrors, giving you an even clearer view down both sides. Also standard is a back-up camera system, so you can see what’s behind the machine when backing up.

  • A Single, Consolidated Controller

    All ProSlab harvesters now have a single, more powerful computer to run both the machine and operator interface. By combining both screens into one, we have eliminated the need for a network connection, improving the system’s reliability and long-term operation. This new controller also starts up more quickly to get you harvesting faster.

  • Updated TurfView Cab

    The cab on the 155C and 160 has had some serious upgrades. We mentioned the back-up camera with screen, but there also is a premium infotainment system with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, wireless charging phone holder, USB and USB-C charging ports, and 110v 400w inverter mounted under the dash.

    For better ergonomics, the engine controls have been moved to the top dash, and the cab now features an extra wide air-ride swivel seat. Turn signals are now standard, controllable by a new auxiliary keypad on the seat. There is also added storage to keep belongings stowed out of the way.

  • More Connectivity

    All new machines come GPS-ready and with an on-board cellular modem for remote training and diagnostics. They also have the ability to support our new FireLink data reports.

  • Power Pallet Doors

    You can now open the pallet doors from the cab in all new ProSlab harvesters, thanks to the new hydraulic pallet doors. The operator doesn’t have to leave their machine to load pallets—and neither does the forklift driver.

  • Better Pallet Weight System

    All new models come standard with an improved pallet weighing system with better accuracy. This system also gives the operator feedback on weight per square foot while harvesting.

So, what sets the ProSlab 160 apart?

With all the added features available in both the ProSlab 155C and 160, you might be wondering when it would make sense to invest in a 160 for your farm. The 155C is an amazing harvester, no doubt about it. In addition to all the features on the 155C, the ProSlab 160 takes performance to another level with better fuel efficiency, faster transport, improved traction, and a big boost in productivity.

  • Electric Conveyors

    Added to the ProSlab 160 are electric conveyors (upper and pickup), which give you very repeatable high speeds and smooth, accurate control. Upgrading these systems to electric reduces hydraulic oil temperature and improves the already impressive fuel efficiency.

  • Performance Gear Ratios

    The ProSlab 160 also comes with reconfigured gear ratios for higher transport speed and improved traction control when harvesting in slippery conditions.

  • Higher Productivity

    Probably the biggest difference between the two ProSlab models is productivity. While the 155B is highly productive, the 160 is turf production on steroids. The ProSlab 160 is the first FireFly machine to capture all the energy of a decelerating stacker. Its upgraded electrical system allows the harvester to store this energy in a high-end capacitor bank to be used on the next power cycle. Moments later, the machine reuses energy when the stacker accelerates again.

    Through this energy capture system, The 160’s Ultra Capacitor boosts overall efficiency and speed—and therefore productivity—by a whopping 20 to 30 percent. This increase can bring your operation a very convincing return on investment.

Hopefully that helps to answer some of your questions about our newest line of ProSlab turf harvesters. Both the FireFly ProSlab 155C and ProSlab 160 are bringing even more advanced technologies and functionality to astute turf producers the world over. Let us know if you would like to know more about these sophisticated harvesters and which model would best meet your farm’s needs.

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