Company History

FireFly Automatix was founded to solve problems we encountered on our own turf farm. We began as FireFly Equipment, designing improved parts for our automated harvester.

Steve Aposhian at TPI Winter 2010

FireFly Equipment at TPI 2010

Our operators and maintenance crew were so happy with the reduced maintenance and improved function that FireFly parts gave them, that we developed more products. At the beginning of 2010, we started to market our parts to other turf producers. As more growers shared their equipment needs with us, we realized that with our expertise, we were poised to take automation in the turf industry to the next level and beyond.

first cut of steel firefly proslab turf harvester

First cut of steel for a FireFly harvester

ProSlab prototype turf harvester

The ProSlab Prototype

From a small, shared shop space, we developed a prototype and the initial production models of the ProSlab, our first automated turf harvester. In 2013, we moved into our own building. Two years later, we moved into another facility, doubling our space and considerably increasing our production rates of the ProSlab 155 and our line of improved parts.

fastest growing company in utah

Utah governor Gary Herbert presenting FireFly with award as #1 Fastest Growing Company

FireFly Automatix was named Utah’s #1 Fastest Growing Company by MountainWest Capital Network in 2016 and 2017 and won a prestigious Utah Innovation Award in 2017.

By 2018, FireFly introduced the M220 turf mower and demonstrated our developing autonomous capabilities. We had once again outgrown our facility and expanded into our beautiful state-of-the-art factory in Salt Lake City. By keeping all our manufacturing processes under one roof–laser cutting, bending, machining, welding, sandblast, and powder coat—-we can ensure the highest quality. Raw steel comes in one door, and finished parts and machines go out the other.

FireFly Automatix Salt Lake City factory

FireFly Automatix factory in Salt Lake City

In 2019, FireFly debuted its long-awaited R300 automated mini-roll harvester, opening up opportunities for farms with cool season grasses to benefit from the FireFly advantages.

FireFly Slab Roll Mow

The FireFly fleet: the smart choice

With our wealth of engineering experience, we apply advanced technologies to our products, from our signature high polymer greaseless bushings to our revolutionary electric chop and stacker. Utilizing the most current engineering tools, such as flow analysis to optimize cooling systems, we are able to fine tune each component. We drive improvement on our equipment from simulations to field testing for your profitability. Our world-class team is dedicated to building and servicing machines that are effective and maintainable for the long haul.

FireFly ProSlab 155B wins first place in harvester drag race 2019

First Place Slab Harvester Drag Race 2019

At FireFly Automatix, we manufacture automated turf harvesters, mowers, and parts that you can count on. We talk to turf producers every day, and our products are still directly driven by your needs. Thanks to a powerful response from around the world in our first ten years, our team and product line will continue to grow into the coming decades.

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