Harvester data reports

Closely monitor your harvester fleet with FireFly's new data reports. Introducing Mercury harvest session reports—the first feature to be released from FireLink Data Services.
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Mercury data reports send emails from machine to inbox by cellular modem.

Each harvest session report contains the machine model and serial number, operator name, date, and start/end times. Turf producers who are already getting Mercury reports have reported that the metrics provide immediate and longer-range benefits to their operations. Mercury data reports include:

Geolocating events

See the start and end GPS locations with latitude/longitude and altitude data.

Quality ratios

Total quality ratios are given, as well as OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), availability ratios, and performance ratios.

Average speed

Know how fast you're cutting with an average speed in mph. This data is tracked when the boom is down, so it's not skewed by stops and turns.

Total area cut

Track how much was cut by total square feet. You'll also see number of chop cycles and number of stack cycles.

Total pallets cut

Get the number of pallets cut, with start and stop pallet numbers.

Scrap rate

You receive the total square feet cut and stacked, with the percent that was scrapped. You can also get scrap threshold alerts.

Utilization rate

See the total session time, the total time the cutter was on, and the utilization percentage.

Weight metrics

Get total weight, as well as average pallet weight and overweight pallet alerts.

Boom down sessions

Within the harvesting session, the number of "boom down" sessions is recorded and numbered.

Mercury hardware kits and subcriptions are now available for all R300 and ProSlab 155, 155B, 155C, and 160 turf harvesters.

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