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laser on truck

There was an exciting arrival at FireFly Equipment recently, and it was big. It has always been our priority to use the best available manufacturing equipment. Now we are taking it to the next level by bringing more of these processes in-house. This month, we took another significant step by acquiring a laser machine and brake press.

Better Quality

Laser cutting produces clean, precise edges. Through our process, we get parts with smooth and shiny edges, ready for powder coat. No burrs or dull oxidized rims here. We are proud to send out replacement parts and turf harvesters made of such high quality components.

Keeping Manufacturing In-house

We firmly believe that manufacturing can successfully stay in the United States, and largely within one company. Turf harvesters are built in relatively low quantities, compared to equipment like backhoes or combines. We are in an ideal situation for keeping manufacturing in-house (The Advantages of Manufacturing your Products In-House).

Lower Cost

Having our own fabrication capabilities brings benefits at several levels. First, manufacturing our own goods cuts production costs. This applies to parts that we build in small batches, such as non-wear replacement items and customized parts.

Where this cost savings really comes into play is in research and development. Outsourced suppliers charge hefty fees for one-offs. By cutting and bending our own steel, we can inexpensively make several iterations of a part. Controlling our costs equates to better prices for our customers.

Brake press on truck

Speeding things up

Keeping manufacturing processes in-house also accelerates our schedule and provides flexibility. No more waiting for parts to arrive from another shop.

Again, this aids in developing new products. Building multiple refinements of a part without delays speeds up the design process. If our engineers want to try something different, the factory can build it immediately. Adjustments can be made and built without waiting.

Having more manufacturing capabilities enables us to build more quickly. We continue to slash production times, which means more harvesters going out the door and less time between order and delivery. In addition, when a turf producer needs a replacement part, we can get it to them right away–or laser fast, you could say.

laser in door

Better TEAMwork

We are pleased to provide quality jobs here in Utah, and we have an incredible TEAM. To us, “TEAM” is not only a group of people, but an acronym: “Together Everyone Achieves More.”

With everyone in one building, FireFly TEAM members are able to work closely across departments. This TEAM culture is central to FireFly’s business model.

We improve people’s lives by solving problems through creative disciplined engineering, operational excellence, and epic TEAMwork.Our Core Purpose

FireFly Equipment continues to grow, and a significant part of our strength comes from our manufacturing capabilities. In 2015, we moved our factory into a larger facility (FireFly Equipment expands operations in Utah). We plan to add more fabrication and machining equipment to control costs, augmenting our ability to bring our customers more quality products with quicker turnarounds. In fact, even before adding a laser machine, our production tripled last year. Our TEAM is excited to see what we can build this year and beyond!

laser in manufacturing facility

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